Ciara: The Style Star You Didn't Know Was a Style Star

I first encountered the American R 'n' B singer Ciara (pronounced See-er-a, not, quite unfortunately, Kee-ra) when she appeared on an episode of My Super Sweet Sixteenth, hired to play at some brat's party. She was so disinterested in the whole thing, she couldn't be bothered to remember the birthday girl's name even though she knew she was being filmed for a reality show. She was funny in an I'm-not-even-hiding-my-boredom way, but her cropped black jacket was no laughing matter. I had a look at her old music videos on YouTube (my Christmas activity) and woah, the girl was a die-hard crop top fan.

That was then. Now, she almost steals the show at every event she attends, almost because no one I know of has singled her out as a style icon in waiting. So I am now, because seriously, she's got style. (Or a great stylist but what's the difference in Hollywood?)

I've noticed Ciara numerous times this year but I keep on forgetting to take note of her, in the same way that when someone asks me what my top five songs are I can only ever remember number one. I really need to start jotting things down.

ciara side

Ciara does tend to wear a lot of dark colours, mainly black, but her outfits are never boring. It's the embellishment; there is always something a little different to what she wears. The button detail in the image above is but one nice touch and so is her understated but very cool hair 'do.


It's not all darkness; I loved this loose pyjama style pants suit she wore early last year.

ciara suit

I've taken the liberty of selecting what I think are her very best looks of the year. Which one is your fave? Was Ciara on your style radar before I brought her up? Is there anyone else out there who doesn't get the sartorial recognition they deserve?

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