Cool rain macs for all those wet days lined up this summer

There's no escaping the rain in Ireland; it doesn't matter what season it is. For those wet days, one needs a couple of cool rain macs

It's not unseasonal weather. In April, it rains. It's when it gets to the summer months when the constant rain becomes a problem. But it's a problem we can do nothing about. Nothing. So let's just get on with it and look good doing it.

The number of people in Ireland who don't own a rain mac is astounding to me. You know umbrellas don't work here! Historically, they haven't been the most stylish of apparel, but now there's no excuse. Cool rain macs do exist, and you can pick one up anywhere on the high street. I love my yellow fisherman-style jacket, a vintage find in my mother's collection from the '80s, but this season, it's all about the vinyl. The coolest rain mac will protect you from the elements while saving your carefully chosen outfit from going to waste.

Of course, if you want to make your rain mac part of your outfit, there's plenty to choose from in that department, too.

topshop cool rain macs

Topshop €89

new look cool rain macs


New Look €34.99

zara cool rain macs

Zara €39.95

hm cool rain macs

H&M €49.99

mango cool rain coats


Mango €59.95

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