This is how you dress for the transition into spring

It's a tricky time of year for dressing, but we think we've discovered the perfect outfit for the transition into spring.

It's strange aul weather we're having. It was unseasonably warm last week and some people were loving it. Other people are scared by it (me included), especially because yesterday I was one of those people trapped on the M7 because of the freak snowstorms. But it's happening and we have to deal.

This is the Warehouse coat all the fashion people are wearing.

Global warming or not (it is), this time of year is always hard to dress for. Temperatures are indeed rising like they do every year, but then they fall again. You wear your big coat and gloves and scarf on your way to work, but arrive sticky and hot because it somehow became spring on the walk (and winter again for the return journey). I have been living in big jumpers and jeans this winter with big boots and thick, long socks. I am finding it hard to break away from this cosy uniform, but I realise now I don't quite have to.

Take these five under €20 pieces with you on a spring break.

Browsing Instagram, I found this image of style influencer Pernille Teisbaek and discovered the perfect outfit combination for winter into spring. And you can wear it to dinner if you like!


There she is, in the big cost jumper of dreams, straight leg jeans - and a pair of strappy sandals.


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New favorite combo: Strappy sandals & chunky knit #theshoeclub #mytheresashoes

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Loving her simple hair and makeup, too. This is Scandinavian chic at its finest.

We would seriously go on a night out in this outfit. And everyone would be jealous they didn't do the same. Do you like these pieces combined? Would you go on a date in a jumper? What shoes would you wear with jeans and a chunky knit? Do strappy sandals have any place in this combo?

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