Three pairs of flats under €30 that are spring in shoe form

Friday is St Patrick's Day and yes, of course, we're hoping it's dry. Bonus points to the Saint himself if he grants us sun.

We're planning a nice, quiet day of strolls and a boozy (responsible!) lunch. Sorry, parade, we'll watch you on TV. While we won't go all out leprechaun, our outfits will have a hint of green here and there. A sprig of shamrock, an emerald bracelet, that kind of thing. Oh go on, we might wear our Pantone inspired green top.

What we definitely won't be wearing, however, is green shoes. We'll be wearing these orangey-yellow flats from H&M that called out to us on our lunchtime today. Bright, comfy and they look way more expensive than the €19.99 they cost.

That long, narrow pointed style is the most modern way to wear flats. We LOVE them in orange, but they come in a gorgeous, springtime lavender colour and in black too.


If you prefer a little bling in your step, this pair from Forever 21 (€25) has to be what you're after.

Topshop has a pair of slip-on trainers that are so much fancier than that. Look, they have a twist bow. The light blue shade is so right for this time of year too. Spring, we're coming for you.

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