Ellie Goulding's Outfit is Summer in the City Chic at its Best

I don't know why but when I think of summer city style I imagine Olivia Palermo in crisp shorts and an even crisper white shirt when in reality summer in the city, in the Irish city or town or village, means dressing as you would any other time of the year except without a coat. Although sometimes even that stays the same!

Ellie Goulding is wearing a summer ensemble that epitomises the idea of summer in the city. Even though she's standing in a room that we think would look lovely and cosy decked out in Christmas decorations, we can imagine her traipsing around town, browsing in the sales, stopping off for a cocktail in a cool beer garden and dining with a handsome fellow in chinos and a blue shirt. His name would be Gianni and he'd have a deep tan. He'd work in finance but his real dream is to be a Gondolier.


But that's beside the point. The colour combo is always a winner for the summer months and she's not laden down with jewelry; rather, she has a small selection of simple pieces. Her hair and makeup are easy and breezy but she wouldn't look at all out of place at a summer urban wedding, although we would probably switch the shoes up with a pair of champagne coloured high sandals.


She looks comfortable, she looks stylish and she looks happy and that really is what summer city style should be.

How have you been dressing to beat the humidity? What clothes do you like to don when the temps hit the high teens?

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