Found! The jacket Pippa O'Connor & Amy Huberman love

When we saw this pic of the Pippa O'Connor on Instagram, we thought their was something familiar about it. No, it wasn't her perfect nude lip (we need to know the shade), or her lovely hair (which makes us want to cut ours every time we see it), but her jacket.

For just a few days ago we saw, and lusted after, the very same jacket on fellow Irish stylista, Amy Huberman.

On Pips:

On Ames:


Flippin love this little bomber jacket from #zara with new season @bourbonfootwear wooooooooop!

A photo posted by Amy Huberman (@amy_huberman) on

Isn't it an absolute beauty?

The best thing about it is that all of us can join the Pamy Brigade, for the beautiful bomber is from Zara and it costs only €69.95.

Of course, we told you ages ago that bombers are the way to go this spring, and we weren't wrong. And we've already bought the one from Marks & Spencer but now we have to add that Zara one to the mix, dammit.


Have Amy and Pippa convinced you that the bomber is THE jacket of the season?

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