GQ Unveil Top 20 Best-Dressed Men

Every year, GQ put together a list of the best dressed men out there, and they've decided to showcase the top 20 contenders for the crown of most stylish man.

This year features a number of usual suspects, such as David Beckham, Eddie Redmayne and Daniel Craig made the list, all of whom look incredibly sharp in a well-tailored suit, a look that no man should be without.

However, there were some other candidates who made the final list who play around and experiment with their style to find their own take on things, like Pharrell Williams, who appears in the top 20 and is known not only for his repertoire of hit songs, but also his sometimes strange choice in hats.

Kanye West, Jaden Smith and Jared Leto are all a bit more fashion forward and are included in the list for their innovation as well as their ability to take a bit of a risk and pull it off.  Mark Ronson's 1950s-influenced style is a look that is quite unique, while other musicians on the list include A$AP Rocky and Harry Styles, who stand out from the crowd.


You can check out the full gallery below for the entire Top 20. Who's your number one? Did he even make the list?

Via GQ

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