Here Comes the Bride: Wedding Shoe Options For Under €100

Well hello there brides to be? How are you doing? Nervous? Have everything done like Franc from Father of The Bride? I tried to be a super cool and collected bride, and I think I was. I didn't really stress out over things.

If something wasn't going right, I tended to be practical about it, and find a solution rather than drowning in a sea of panic which I usually do. The only thing that I was a little stressed about was my wedding shoe decision. You kind of need them before your first fitting to make sure the length of the dress works with the height of the shoe.

I ordered my dress in March 2012 for a November 24th wedding. Piles of time. But the shoes took a while. I couldn't find anything. So I decided to design my own and I enlisted the help of a UK company called Upper Street to help me make the perfect pair. And they did. But the only issue was I had to fly to London to have them fitted. Thankfully on the first go, they worked and I continue to wear them as they are not a typical wedding shoe. Nope. They look like a pair of gold open toe shoes that you would wear on a night out. Why? I designed them so I would wear them, and not just on November 24th 2012. 

A glimpse of Geri's gold sandals! A glimpse of Geri's gold sandals

If you are looking for the perfect wedding shoe, then you need to think long term. I refer to long term in two ways. First, girl, you need to be able to dance your little heels off all night, so comfort is key.


Secondly, you need to wear them again. I love wearing mine and looking down at them and remembering the best day of my life and how much fun it was. The shoes are part of the memory. And it's a memory you can relive time and time again with the right pair. 

From top left: Stilettos, €135, Dune; Gold shoe with ankle strap, xx, Next; Nude strappy sandals, €59.95, Zara; Peep toe court shoes, €99, Dune From top left: Stilettos, €99, Dune; Gold shoe with ankle strap, €50, Oasis; Nude strappy sandals, €59.95, Zara; Peep toe court shoes, €95, Dune

Ok, you might have blown the budget on the dress (I did) and you need to think like an accountant now for the rest of the rig out. There are plenty of shoe options out there for under €100-150 and I have picked out just some of my favourites to help you with that all important decision. Whether your dress is white, ivory or even bright pink, neutral tone shoes are the best bet to get a good match. I do love a little sparkle and from courts to sandals, gold is certainly everywhere this summer. Dune have one of the strongest shoe collections this year all of which are under €150 (except for the Black collection which tends to hit the €200 mark). 

Before you wear the shoes on the big day, you HAVE to break them in. The leather needs to soften and move with your feet to avoid rubbing or the dreaded blister and packets of Compeed. The old trick of wearing them around the house in a pair of socks still rings true so make note of this one. 


Part of a wedding in some shape or form this year? Check out our wedding section!

 And tell us, what shoes did you wear or are you planning to wear at your wedding? 

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