Here's your perfect rainy weekend outfit

This autumn, it will be rainy. And you'll have to do things. So, here's a rainy weekend outfit that you can reuse time and time again.

It may be the middle of August, and it may still be warm, but wet weather is on the way. Thank God; I can stay in this weekend for a guilt-free Crazy Ex-Girlfriend binge-fest. I will probably venture out, though, at some point, for fresh air and to re-stock on wine. I'll probably just put fisherman pants and a rain poncho on over my pyjamas, but in the future - the near future - I will need a re-wearable rainy weekend outfit. When I say that, I mean, I'll need something stylish to wear if I have to meet people I know face to face.

This autumn, my go-to rainy weekend outfit is inspired by Fendi. Its AW18 catwalk was so autumnal. Tweeds, leather, check patterns, jumpers and blazers - it had it all. It also had the sweater of the season, by the way. It's this season's version of that Gucci tee, and you are going to see it - and its lookalikes - everywhere.


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So, what are you going to wear when you're meeting the gals tomorrow, but Storm Ernesto will be tagging along? This. (Or something like it).

The Boots

topshop boots

Topshop Hurricane Croc Boots €125

Yes! It's boots season. This season, they're just-above-ankle length, and with a not-too-high-but-high heel - the most flattering style, if you ask me. They're even better if they're made with weather-proof patent material like these.

The Skirt

zara skirt

Zara Checked Mini Skirt €39.99


Oh, it's all about those Cher from Clueless vibes this autumn. You'll still have your pick of midis, don't worry, but the mini and boots is so this season. It's going to be warm this weekend despite the storm, but once the temperatures drop, just pop on your tights.

The Top

ASOS Weekday Huge Sweater €27.65ASOS DESIGN Ultimate Crew Neck T-shirt €8.30

Depending on the temperature, wear a plain t-shirt or sweater (which should be oversized). Or the one from Fendi, obvs.

The Jacket

Zara Checked Blazer €79.95

Of course, in autumn, it's all about layering. This year, it will be layered to the MAX; think jackets over jackets, just jackets over jackets. Tweet or checked print is this autumn's default setting.

The Raincoat

new look raincoat

New Look Pale Grey Longline Anorak €20


Raincoats can be sexy. Espesh with your mini, boots, jacket combo.

If it's rainy and you've somewhere to do you sacrifice your style for the sake of dryness?

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