We've found a €25 lookalike for Gucci's famous logo t-shirt

It's one of those pieces that's so simple yet so effective (yet so very expensive). The Gucci logo tee is everywhere.

You know the one: it's white and is unapologetically Gucci. If you're an influencer and you haven't been snapped wearing one with a pair of jeans and layered necklaces, well, can you really call yourself an influencer?

It's kicked off a casual style trend that we're really into. As I said, it just needs jeans (real jeans - or leathers) to work. A cool pair of shoes would also add to the look.

Apparently, according to this blogger, it's inspired by 'olden times'.


Here's Kendall Jenner in the hoody version - that was retailing at about €800 at the time she was pictured wearing it, in March this year.

Credit: WENN.com

This t-shirt from River Island is not a dupe. It does, however, resemble the Gucci tee in spirit. This is a good thing, especially if you're not one for knock-offs. It's a nod to the look, but it doesn't scream try-hard. Hey, everyone needs a white t-shirt or twenty in their wardrobe. One or two of them may as well have a logo.

river island gucci logo t-shirt

River Island €25

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