The hot accessory trend for AW17 is basically free (and you can wear it now)

O choker, choker! Wherefore art thou choker? At the bottom of your bag, or lost, probably.

Last year, the easiest way to update your wardrobe was to whack on a choker. We laughed at first and then realised that they actually looked quite cool in a Winona Ryder in Reality Bites kind of way. Which is a good kind of way, obviously.

The trend was fleeting, however. Fashion is so fast these days, accessories come and go like seasons of the Big Bang Theory, and that's why the best accessories cost next to nothing. This season, the accessory to be seen with is the 90s antithesis to the cool girl grungy choker. Ladies, the Laura Ashley look is back (for hair at least).

This Tuesday at NYFW, Tory Burch sent her models down the runway with hair pulled back by thick black velvet ribbons.

Hair and makeup tests. #ToryBurchFW17 #BehindTheScenes

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Luckily, the look turned out to be more feminine but powerful adult woman rather than '90s preppy teenager.

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It's also the easiest way to add another hair style to your day-to-day hair repertoire. Just pull it back into a low pony, secure with a regular hair tie and wrap the velvet band around it, tying it in a bow.

It doesn't have to be velvet. I wrapped a shoelace around my neck last year and got tonnes of compliments for my choker; my ribbon is going to be of the wrapping variety from Easons.

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