I picked up a jumper for €5 in H&M yesterday and so can you

Unless they're all sold out, which they could be by now

The H&M flagship store on College Green is the gift that just keeps giving. It's four (or is it five?) floors of budget fashion that's constantly cleansing itself of out-of-date styles to make room for the up-to-date look you MUST have.

Emma Watson and other sustainable style pushers would by horrified, though. Fast fashion is pretty much a scourge on the world's resources, and it causes way more stress than it should, if you let it. Ethical questions arise; should you spend €5 on a 90% acrylic 10% wool substantially sized jumper that was made in China? Probably not, if you think long and hard about it. Or yes, if it's bloody freezing out there, all your other clothes are in the wash, and you've already spent your entire paycheck on rent and bills and pesky, necessary food.

I can't walk past a good bargain, but this one has stirred something inside me. The jumper was €19.99 originally, and despite it being mostly acrylic, it looks like it should cost more. It does make me question the value individual stores put on stock; if this was made for another brand would it cost a lot more? It couldn't possibly cost less (until it's put on sale for a fiver).

Online, it's going for €11.99.


I can confirm that it is extremely snuggly and warm. It feels like a hug, which I need today because I've given up coffee but I've just had a cup, and now I feel guilty.

H&M is a feast for sale stuff, all year round. It's a haven for those on a budget who love to keep up with the trends and for basic pieces like this jumper.

I bought it, I'm wearing it right now, and I'll have to save my soul-searching for another day (when it's a bit warmer).

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