Kate Moss Topshop Collaboration Spring Summer 2014: Floral, Fringed And Fab

It's been three and a half years since Kate Moss last took the design helm at Topshop and had us all craving floral tea dresses and luxurious feather capes.

If you are a fan of her laid-back, rock chick style, then read on because she's just about to stage a comeback to the store. The 'Kate Moss For Topshop Collaboration Spring Summer 2014' is the highly anticipated fashion follow-up that will be released on April 30.

The supermodel has taken inspiration from her own wardrobe with this collection and she has mixed in a huge number of styles. Embroidered smock-tops, kaftans and silk blouses are a nod to her favourite holiday destination of the Balearic Islands, while the fringed jackets are based on what she calls her own 'gig jacket'. And there are tougher lines in tuxes, trouser suits and metallic mixes.

The materials used are exactly what we would expect - soft suedes, silk chiffons, lamé metallics, lace and beading.


Floral, fringed and festival-friendly - we expect this collection to fly off the shelves.

What do you think of the 'Kate Moss For Topshop Collaboration Spring Summer 2014'? Are you making a shopping list right now, and has absence makes the heart grow Moss-ier? Or do you feel like it's something you've seen before? Tell us in the comments!

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