Kingsman Menswear Collection is Bringing Suits Back

If you've seen the trailers for the new movie Kingsman, then you might have thought to yourself that some of those outfits look pretty sharp, but our fellas'd never be able to get them, they're for real fancy movie stars, y'know Colin Firth and the like.

Well worry not, because the folks at Mr. Porter have decided to collaborate with the movie and have released the Kingsman Collection of swanky suits, jackets and all the accessories that a man could want...or at least a man who's pretending to be a Savile Row tailor who's actually a secret spy.

The full collection comprises 60 pieces, from full suits all the way to classy umbrellas (that don't feature guns built in, as we understand it), all from the creative mind of Oscar-winning costume designer Arianne Phillips. As you might expect with fine tailoring like this, the price point isn't going to be cheap.

A suit would set your fella back around €1,795, while a blazer hits around the €1,195 mark. You are getting quality for your money of course, as with most things Mr. Porter, and you can expect that the history and tradition of Savile Row will be carried through to your suit, if Himself does decide to go all Kingsman on it.

That rich heritage seems to come to the fore in the shape of the double-breasted suit, which is making its way back in to the wardrobes of many men after a period in the wilderness for the last few years as a result of it being seen as a bit old fashioned. Speaking at the launch of the collection, Phillips said "I love a double-breasted silhouette. It’s such a classic Savile Row shape. It’s right for a makeover, and time for a younger man to wear it".

The collection is available on Mr. Porter, and the movie hits cinemas at the end of this month on January 29th. You can check out a gallery below of some of the sharply dressed folks who turned out for the premiere this week, too.

Are you a fan of a man in a suit? Is double breasted due a comeback or does it just remind you of Grandad? To the comments!

Via Ape to Gentleman. Main pic via The Fashionisto


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