The one leopard print coat that won't give you Bet Lynch vibes

Leopard print is the red lipstick of prints. It's classic; it adds a little somethin' somethin' to your outfit, and Alexa Chung loves it so it has to be cool. The only thing is, and we say this quietly, sometimes it can look a little bit cheap and nasty.

I am not implying that Bet Lynch was cheap or nasty; she's the poster woman for leopard. It's just that, we'd prefer to do it the modern way. Both high-end designers and the high street can't get enough of the print, so there's plenty of ways to wear it. An age-old hint to the print (actually, it's more of a shout-out) is with a coat the animal itself would be jealous of.

A leopard print coat nods to Edie Sedgwick and the Swinging Sixies. Not to mention Kate Moss in the Golden Age of her fashion influence. It can just be a bit overpowering if it's too fuzzy or big. If you love the print, but don't want something that people will insist on stroking, here's this lovely in the topcoat style.

New Look €69.99


new look leopard print coat

Perfect for autumn strolls and nights out with the girls, it's that perfect blend of print and chic. We would wear it with miniskirts, tights and boots, or skinnies, polo necks and an It runner.

It's not a trend piece either; this print is a staple part of the capsule wardrobe so it should hang proudly on your coat rack for years to come.

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