Klassy burd: liking Myleene Klass for Littlewoods Ireland A LOT

There’s something I really like about Myleene Klass.  She seems so hard-working and down to earth and NORMAL. She has a couple of kids, and she’s had a few ups and downs (her marriage broke up last year) but she always looks great. I loved the recent headline claiming she ‘made everyone’ drink her breast milk in tea AND the fact she recently filmed some episodes of Countdown.


So I really wanted to like her range for Littlewoods Ireland, which launched on Friday 21st. Luckily I wasn’t disappointed, Myleene’s range has brilliant colours and prints and flattering cuts. The only thing I’d quibble about would be the prices, they're a bit spenny maybe.


Stretch Bodycon Dress €79: This dress is just one of those punchy colours that suits almost everyone. Nothing like a nice bodycon dress for a night out, bang on a pair of heels and you’re good to go. This bad boy’s not too short either, which is a relief, because I just don’t have the pins for tight and short!

Myleene Klass Flower Print Bustier Dress, €79

Flower Print Bustier Dress €79: I LOVE this dress. Classic cut, with a modern floral print on a gorgeous acid yellow background. The best thing about this dress has to be the waist. This dress is a waist-definer, which is an absolute must for me. I’d wear it with a bright blazer and the most Mad Men heels I could find.

Myleene Klass Python Print Shirt €37


Python Shirt €39: It’s the year of the snake and I’ve been promised snake print is gonna be huge! I’d tuck this blouse into a (p)leather pencil skirt and channel Sharon Stone for the evening.

Myleene Klass Embellished Collar Dress, €79

Embellished Collar Dress €79: The colour of this dress is a bang on, beautiful Royal Blue. I love the embellished neckline, the deeply flattering waistline and the sleeves! You don't have to buy a necklace OR think about what to put over it! PLEASE can we have more dresses with SLEEVES! My God, even just to the ELBOW!

Sorry, I’ll get ahold of myself.

You can have a gander at Mylene's full range here . What do you think of her rig outs?


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