One Event, Three Ensembles. Which is Your favourite?

Sometimes it's hard to tell the true colour of something in a photo but the following ensembles look pretty orange to me. Maybe it's because I have that colour firmly on my mind since spying an amazing orange trench coat in the men's department in Zara this weekend (I want it!), whatever, it's on my mind.

I was perusing through the photo gallery of the Comic Con party - there were so many cool outfits I wasted an hour  spent my time wisely taking notes - but the bright orange hue really stood out and grabbed me.

Three stylish senoritas donned three very different outfits, with only the colour tying the looks together. The uniting force was a powerful one, however. Take a look at these three ensembles and let us know which one you'd choose. But before you do so, imagine them in black - do you agree that they would be so very boring?

  • Lea Michele


  • Billie Lourd


  • Elise Eberle



There is something about the simple dress directly above that we think would be excellent choice for a whole host of occasions. The elegant length looks tricky but in fact it can work for almost everyone, as long as it's paired with an equally elegant shoe.


And sure while we're here we might as well take a gander at the entire album!

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