Ryan Reynolds and Co: Our style looks of the week

I was in Penneys the other day and for a split second, I wished I had been born a man. This often happens to me in Penneys. Their men's stuff is so good! I know I'm not the only who thinks that. The same thing happened to me when I saw Ryan Reynolds in the suit he wore to the Canadian Ball in the White House. Blake's gúna is amazing, but that suit. It's just impeccable. Ryan Reynolds is my new style icon.

I know that if I were to wake up a man one day, the novelty would wear off pretty fast (unless, of course, I suddenly got a huge pay rise and my grey hairs made me look distinguished rather then hag-like); in general men's fashion isn't nearly as fun as women's. That is why our top three looks of the week are worn by women, although obviously we had to throw Ryan in the mix, and not just because there was no picture of Blake on her own.

  • Zendaya


Remember those paper cut-out fashion dolls where you would cut out different clothes and fold them onto a paper doll? That is what Zendaya's dress looks like. And it's fabulous. She's also pretty much changed our minds on chokers. Yes, they're officially cool.

  • Nadia Hilker


We spotted the German actress in this floaty delight at the Allegiant premiere. Flowy maxi-dresses tend to look a bit too beach on the red carpet, but this one definitely has a night-time vibe.

  • Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively


These two; they're too beautiful to hate. As I mentioned earlier, I want that suit for myself, but Blake's done a fine job of ticking a load of trend boxes (exposed shoulders, tuxedo style neck-line) while emulating an air of class. We also love her shoes.


Out of our picks in the gallery below, who would you choose as your best dressed of the week.

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