Choose shorts! Shorts for the office, shorts for a night out, short suits for your next movie premier

Shorts are the ultimate casual wear and obviously they're perfect for sunny days and holliers.  Wear them with a pair of black tights underneath and your denim cut offs can take you right through the winter too.  Shorts suits are big news: celebs have been wearing them for yonks - and they're super cute and can really add quirk.

Longer length shorts are parfect (as the girl in the Trivago-Barcelona ad says) for the office and when worn with a blazer scream 'summer in the city' chic.

This lot are probably a little too short for work but they're gorgeous for just about everything else.

Monochrome  beauties - dress em up with heels, keep em casual with flip flops.

Neutral or white shorts with a bright jacket really work well - and how cute is that tiger tshirt from Zara?


Catwalk inspiration from Jill Sander brings the short suit trend right up to date and look so much more relaxed than a full on matching trouser suit.

Actually love these matching shorts and tops combos - they remind me of jammies.  Really fun.

Now, if only I had legs like Gywenth I'd never be out of shorts either.  She did get a fair bit of flack for the outfit though - but don't think she gave a fluck.

Black: always super stylish.  Take a tip from JLo and grab a black shorts suit - it will take you everywhere.


So what do you reckon?  Are you embracing shorts or steering clear?

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