Don't buy a new pair of trousers unless they have this detail

Victoria Beckham's SS19 collection features the trousers of the season. Don't buy another pair unless they look like this.

It will be the little detail that lets everyone in your boardroom aware that you know your style. Victoria Beckham did this one tiny thing that will set your work gear apart without you having to do anything that drastic. We are loving two-pieces that aren't plain black (remember this amaze Hailey Bieber outfit?) but some people prefer to nod to their stylishness rather than put it all the way out there.

All Victoria did was cut a slit up the front of the trouser legs. She styled them with flat 'dance' boots and let them trail along the ground. We would wear them over our high heel.

Victoria Beckham

We had a little look on the high street and there aren't that many high street versions out there just yet. This pair is from H&M, and while not an exact dupe, it has the idea.



Ankle-Length Trousers €44.99

We might have to wait a few more months until true VB lookalikes come on the scene, but that H&M pair is a good place to start. To pay homage in a more casual way, this pair from Zara will see you through ALL the nights out. And they're so cheap!



Faux Leather Leggings 19.95 

Do you like the Victoria Beckham style trousers? Will you be wearing something like them to work? Have you seen closer copies on your jaunts on the high street? If so, let us know where we can pick ours up!

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