5 Great Gifts For the Foodie In Your Life

Food is becoming quite the hot (or cold, depending on whether you want it toasted or not) topic these days.

From food bloggers to foodie awards, from public demand for taco and avocado emojis to consumers demanding higher quality produce, many of us are taking an interest in our food and cooking more than ever before.

And if you have a foodie in your life, then this list might give you some inspiration. The items that made the cut were either ones that I can't live without in my kitchen or ones that I'm hoping Santa might leave under the tree!

  • Juicer

You can't go wrong with this baby.  No fuss juicing for dinner recipes that call for some citrus flavoring or even for the odd cocktail.  It also looks pretty on your countertop when not in use. This Living Nostalgia Vintage Heavy Duty Juicer from Littlewoods retails for only €35.



  • Nespresso Machine

I can't function without coffee.  It's an essential part of my day.  And this beauty from Arnotts would not only feed my addiction but also add to the beauty of my kitchen.  This Kitchen Aid machine retails for €379 but there are other models of Nepresso machine available there from as little as €99.


  • Creuset Pot

This piece of equipment is essential in any decent cook's kitchen arsenal.  But due to their high price tag it's something that you tend not to buy for yourself (there's always a pair of shoes that's calling your name instead).  This would make a wonderful gift and you can make decent savings if you purchase it in the Kildare Village Outlet.  They are currently available there in a range of colors (28cm) for €186.67.

  • Le Creuset 28cm Casserole CassisNutribullet

I avoided these for a while as I thought they were a fad, and sure how different were they to a good old fashioned food processor? The answer is, very.  Not because they do a different job, but because they are so easy to use and easy to clean.  I now start most days with a delicious green based smoothie and my skin and overall health have reaped the benefits.  Available for €135 in most good electrial retailers and department stores.



  • Candles

Ok not technically a foodie gift however I always have one in the kitchen.  Whether it's to freshen the place up post cooking (think steak or fish smells!) or to make it inviting before guests arrive.  I love Max Benjamin's range and these 3 wick Christmas scented candles would make a lovely festive gift.  Plus they are very resonably priced at €35. Available in stockists nationwide.

Christmas Candles



What are your kitchen essentials?

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