Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo: Not Much Aussome About It

Aussome Volume Shampoo

Aussie three Minute Miracle is a product that I've used and really liked a lot down through the years, and it seems I'm not the only one since it scooped the top conditioner spot in our Best In Awards last year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, I expected great things from the brand's Aussome Volume Shampoo. It promises to give limp locks a lift, with a lightweight formula to prevent fine hair from being weighed down and Australian hops extract to build body and volume from root to tip.

First things first: the smell. Aussome Volume has that sweet typically Aussie smell in spades, so if you find that hard to stomach you won't like this shampoo. I actually do like it: it makes me feel like I'm 18 again (in a good way, without the completely debilitating social awkwardness.)

Scent aside, I'm afraid that this shampoo really has no other redeeming qualities. It leaves hair squeaky clean, and I mean that quite literally. Rinsing out Aussome Volume's suds causes a high-pitched squeaking noise akin to two balloons being rubbed together. Left to air dry, my hair does look less flat at the roots - huzzah, you might think! - but that's at the expense of its overall condition.


Ends feel almost crunchy and roots to mid-lengths look noticeably drier, too ... or at least they do until the day after washing, as I find my hair becomes lank and greasy far more quickly than usual when using this shampoo.

Finally, Aussome Volume irritates my scalp no end and leaves me feeling like a woman in a Head and Shoulders ad. I am *this* close to surreptitiously scratching my head with the corner of a car door.

Very disappointing.

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