How to clean your makeup brushes

Here's how to clean your makeup brushes like a pro.

If you are a makeup wearer and own a set of brushes then you will need to clean them. So many people seem to forget this detail or put it off and although I fully understand it is a time-consuming process I can't stress the importance of it.

It's not just to prolong your makeup brushes it's for many reasons: to ensure your makeup goes on flawlessly; to keep your brushes from breaking up and prevent fall out. But, most importantly, as a hygiene requirement.

Bacteria live on brushes and continue to breed in that environment. You risk infection every time you use your unwashed brushes which can lead to all sorts of skin diseases and infections resulting in scarring and even blindness.

With that in mind, here are some quick tips to show you how quick and easy cleaning your brushes can be.

Usually, I find a brush cleaner in a spray bottle most convenient. Have that and some kitchen paper as a permanent fixture beside your brushes.

Hold your brush flat against the kitchen paper and spray it well on both sides. Circle the brush in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction until the colour stops coming out of it.

Bring the brush back to its original shape and let it dry over the side of the desk to let the air get at it. (Soaking your brushes in water will break up the glue in the handle of the brush and make the bristles fall out.)

What products do you find best for brush cleaning?

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