Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Beauty Guru Makeup Releases

Beauty gurus have been very busy lately releasing new makeup products for us to enjoy. Here's everything you need to know about the new makeup releases to help you decide what to buy.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics X Shane Dawson

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past month or just don't follow any beauty influencers online then you're probably aware that two of YouTubes most popular creators Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson have collaborated on a never-been-done-before project.

The pair have just released a makeup and merch collection together through Jeffree's makeup brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics. 

The process of creating these products has all been recorded and turned into a (currently) six-part video series on Shane's YouTube channel.

Not only is the series a fascinating look into the beauty industry but we get to see the creation of an iconic collaboration.

They have released 10 new makeup products including six liquid lipsticks, a lipgloss, lip balm, a 9 piece 'Mini Controversy' eyeshadow palette and of course the now infamous 18-piece 'Conspiracy' eyeshadow palette.

The collection is full of gorgeous bright colours as well as a good balance of neutral shadows enabling you to create an infinite amount of eyeshadow looks with either of the palettes.

Unfortunately, the collection is completely sold out and won't be available to purchase again until the new year.


Shane and Jeffree sold 1 million eyeshadow palettes on the 1 November 2019 release date, many are saying that this collection has broken records in the beauty industry and honestly we wouldn't be surprised.

Tati Beauty

Tati Westbrook has also just released some new makeup, which is long-awaited by her fans.

Tati has previously released her own line of supplements and vitamins through her brand Halo Beauty, which are highly rated by many.

Her latest release is a new venture for her as she launches her own makeup line Tati Beauty.

Her first product 'Textured Neutrals Volume One' is a stunning 24 piece neutral eyeshadow palette which has every shade and texture of eyeshadow you need for everyday use.

Tati is well known in the beauty community for her honest critique of makeup so there was a lot of speculation and hype around the quality of her makeup.

The overall consensus from influencers and consumers seems to be that the palette is of very high quality, we'd expect nothing less from Tati.

The palette is currently sold out however it's currently available for pre-order and the order will be shipped by 15 December 2019.



Which of these new makeup releases would you like to get? 

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