Why You Need To Use Leave-In Conditioner If You Have Curly Hair

If you're blessed with naturally curly hair and aren't already using a leave-in conditioner you need to start immediately. Here's why leave-in conditioner is so essential for curly hair.


Curly hair needs lots of moisture, using a conditioner in the shower and a hair mask once or twice a week isn't enough.

Leave-in conditioners are used on dry hair which I know sounds crazy but there's a good reason.

Curly hair can't take in all of the nourishment from conditioner when it's wet as the water takes up a lot of the space.

Leave-in conditioners or deep conditioning masks are used to provide the hair with that all-important hydration.

When to use a leave-in conditioner

They're best used in between washes on second or third-day hair.

Leave-in conditioners can be used to refresh your curls when your hair is getting a bit frizzy, flat and dry.


It's important not to use them every day, however, as this will cause a build-up of product in your hair which no one wants.

Let your hair breathe and only use it once in between washes.

What product should I use?

You may have heard that a cheap alternative to buying a leave-in conditioner is to mix your normal conditioner with water and add the mixture to a spray bottle, however, this is very wrong.

I learned recently that you should never try this DIY method with a normal conditioner as they are made thicker than a leave-in conditioner and not designed to be left in the hair.

There are lots of leave-in conditioners on the market and Boots have a great selection of them to choose from in their shops.

My personal favourite is the Umberto Giannini Banana Butter Leave-In Conditioner.

Not only does it smell amazing and work wonders for my hair but it's also vegan and cruelty-free.

I mix it with water in a spray bottle, shake the bottle before use and apply it directly to damp hair, for the best results.



What's your favourite leave-in conditioner?

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