Skin Update: L'Occitane Out, Matis Reponse Jeunesse In

Matis Reponse Jeunesse Climatis

Just in case you were all tossing and turning at night worrying about how my skin's getting on, here's an update: shortly after I posted about L'Occitane's new Organic Olive moisturiser, my face did indeed began to fissure, earthquake and threaten to fall off. Sigh. It's a good product, no doubt about it, but just not quite enough for my skin. I'm facing facts and accepting that there'll be no substitutes from thick, rich creams (oh there's a joke about men in there), oils and balms for me any more.

I frantically went through my stash and I came up with Reponse Jeunesse Climatis, by salon brand Matis, a sister-product to the exfoliator Lynnie wrote about recently.

Well. Well now. This is TERRIFIC.  A 'climatic protective balm for dry skin and cold climates', this is really doing the trick. Yeah, I know it's May. I also know I had to run on my trotters into M&S on Grafton street the other day to get in out of the weather. IT WAS HAILSTONING.


So while in previous years I may have turned my nose up at this based on its winter credentials, it's really great for my dry skin. Within a few days it had plumped back out fine lines and flaky patches were banished.  I think this'll suit anyone with a 30-something, arid complexion, but those who are oily will want to steer clear. Lightly scented, I also like the chunky perspex packaging.

Any downside to it? No SPF, but I'm happy to wear a separate product, and price may also be a factor too: you'll lay down €49.20 for it.

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