The first look at Holly Willoughby's gorgeous new M&S line is here!

Holly Willoughby and M&S will be dropping the fourth 'Holly's Must-Haves' collection on February 4th - and here's the first look.

Holly Willoughby, queen of the chic work look and cool jungle ensemble, teams up with M&S once again for her fourth collection of 'Holly's Must-Haves'.

This is the Holly Willoughby outfit that will be our spring work uniform.


This time, there's a focus on denim - it actually seems like HW is bringing back the Canadian Tuxedo, but, eh, with a shirt and skirt instead of jeans and a denim jacket. It's double denim, anyway. This pic of Holly shows the first look of the collection. The post has already garnered nearly 100,000 likes on Holly's Instagram page.


The 16-piece collection will only be in a selected 70 stores, but luckily some of them are here in Ireland, although they're all in Dublin. But, it's in four shops in Dublin - the M&S in Dundrum, in Liffey Valley, on Grafton Street and Mary Street. But don't worry if you're not always close to the capital! The collection should be available online, too.

In the collection will be wardrobe essentials, like the shirt and skirt above and also cropped jeans and a shirt dress. The look has a decidedly Western style and will also feature print t-shirts, Western-inspired boots and a nifty little casual cross-body bag.

Have you had good experiences with Holly's past M&S collections? Have any of the pieces become staples in your wardrobe? The collection drops on February 26th - will you be first in line?

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