Could Holly Willoughby's dress BE more royal wedding?

Is Holly Willoughby invited to the royal wedding? Probably not. Because if she was, she might have worn this

Holly Willoughby is definitely not going to the royal wedding, so she didn't waste this wedding-worthy dress, TG. It's all over her Insta page, though, so unless she does a Kate Middleton, she'll never wear this again. Sad.

Anyway, the wedding of Ms Meghan Markle and HRH Prince Henry etc., looms, and being in the biz we're in, we can't help but relate everything we encounter to it. If someone asks us if we want a cup of tea, we wonder will Meghan pop the champers when she's getting her makeup done, or will Earl Grey be served? A celebrity wears something, and we imagine them as royal wedding guests.

You've got to admit, though, this Needle and Thread dress, worn by Holly Willoughby on This Morning, this morning, is wedding guest gold.


Needle and Thread is a popular choice for wedding guests with cash to flash. I went to a wedding last year, and loads of women were wearing N&T embellished mesh dresses - and I wore a €16 version from Penneys. And got loads of compliments on it, thank you very much.

Megan Markle herself gave us some throwback wedding guest inspiration when we found a pic of her in a Self Portrait dress, which is another wedding guest dress go-to.

But, if you want something pretty and floaty and fairly expensive, you can get Holly's dress on the Needle and Thread website. It hasn't sold out - yet.

holly willoughby royal wedding guest dress needle and thread

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