The jeans everyone will be wearing in 2019

Get the most wear out of those skinnies because they'll be officially dead very soon. These are the jeans that will take their place in 2019.

We still have ten million pairs of them but the death bell doth toll for the skinny jean. I'm wearing skinny jeans right now because they're the easiest things to wear with my Christmas jumper but this time next year, 'twill be a different story. Holly Willoughby's wardrobe is one of the most popular right now - but have you noticed that she never wears skinny jeans anymore? The stylist who reinvented her hates skinny jeans and banned them for her sartorial repertoire. Now, she hasn't worn any form of jeans since, really (at least not on her Instagram account), but if she does, I guarantee they'll be this style.

They're already everywhere and all the cool girls have been wearing them for ages, but the straight leg jean will become fully mainstream in 2019. You'll be wearing them, your friends will be wearing them, even your mother will be wearing them.

If you're iffy about it, just remember that they are all we wore in in our primary school days. We wore them with black polo necks, jumpers and t-shirts in the summer. And in 2019, you'll be wearing them the exact same way.

See what I mean?

It's such an easy but chic look. The jeans, white tee, some jewellery and pointed heels. Done.

Get the Look


Topshop Mid Blue Straight Leg Jeans 55

Zara Basic T-shirt 7.95 

Black Slingback Kitten Heels €27.99


Do you believe that skinny jeans are dead? Are you on board with the straight leg?

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