These are the heels we'll wear all summer and we don't even care they're not on sale

DAMN IT! We've stocked up our entire wardrobe with all the things we don't need, and then we come across these heels. They're summer shoe perfection, and we're buying them despite their not-on-sale status.

The summer sales are not just an opportunity for you to pick up a bargain or twenty. They're a clever marketing ploy to get you into the shops. Sale shmale; what about all the shiny, on trend brand new stuff? DAMN IT! If you haven't gone mad in the sales just yet, take heed of my words of wisdom. Only buy the basics, items that will fit in your capsule wardrobe and only pieces you need. Then go get these totally impractical, probably not very comfortable, but spiffing heels.

river island heels ss17

River Island €80

Heels fit for jeans, dresses, shorts and skirts they are. F-it, we're sold.

If they don't quite tick the heel boxes for you, though, never fear. We've already accepted that your bank balance will be in ruins by Monday, so we've chosen a few more bunion-inducing summer-tastic high heels for your pleasure. Ibiza, here we come!



New Look €32.99


topshop summer heels

Topshop €40

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