HOW TO: Find the AW15 Skirt for Your Body Shape

I have been living in trousers this past few months but I have made a conscious decision to wear more skirts for the new season.

But the thing is that there are just too many styles to choose from. The mini has returned thanks to a lot of 60s influences but there is still some love for the midi with a huge focus on tailoring. Then there is this whole thing with the maxi as the 70s is going through a revival.

So what on Earth are we to wear? I've chosen my top three styles and why they might just suit you.

  • 1. The mini

€29.99, H&M €29.99, H&M

The mini is great for the leg confident among us. But what I love about the mini skirt for the colder months is the fact that you can wear thick opaque tights and boots with them. This not only makes the skirt length more practical but also helps those of us not blessed with the pegs of Giselle to rock the mini.

I love black tights, but I've also noticed that navy tights are set to make their presence felt. Try a lighter shade skirt with navy instead of black to change it up.

And don't be afraid of colour. H&M have opted for berry shades this year which are also a-line making them nice and flattering along your hips.

€19.99, H&M €19.99, H&M
  • 2. The midi

€43, River Island €43, River Island

This might be an obsession with me right now, but I am struggling to find the right shape to suit me (I'm a pear, a very typical pear, and this shape is my spirit skirty animal).

But the high street have answered my prayers and shape and colour have not escaped me just yet. Sticking with the a-line shape which can do no wrong, and not to forget trends, suede is a great choice.

This chocolate brown skirt from River Island will be one to wear with a polo neck or turtle neck jumper and either knee high boots, or over the knee if you so choose. Add that all up and you get a dedication to the 1970s.

  • 3. The maxi

€88, Littlewoods Ireland €88, Littlewoods Ireland

Ah the most recognised skirt style of the 1970s, and one that you are set to see a lot of this Autumn. I am currently travelling around Spain and nearly every shop I got into, has gone for either the maxi dress or skirt.

Depending on the cut, this can work for a lot of body shapes. If you're on the petite side, keep it simple so that you're not swamped by fabric. And features like chiffon and light embellishments can really add to the elegance of the piece.

Or if you're a beautiful hour glass, make sure it has a good cut on the waist to emphasise those curves.

And it's not just plain colours either; paisley print is every so popular and you can also wear this with boots I should add.

€72, Warehouse €72, Warehouse

Have you a favourite skirt style? Which length suits you the best?

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