Just Pleat It: Our Pick of the Best Skirts for Winter

Did you have to wear a pleated skirt as part of your school uniform? I did, and I have the most horrid memories of an incredibly unflattering flat pleated grey skirt that was way too long to do anything for my body shape. But, sure dressing up to go to school wasn't exactly the idea behind school uniforms.


Thankfully, pleated skirts have come a long way, and this season has plenty to offer us. From chiffon to silk and at all price points, pleated skirts are not just another come-and-go trend. You will get plenty of wear out of them, and guess what? It might even last until Spring!

Purple pleated hi-lo skirt, €47, River Island; Metallic midi length skirt, £39, missselfridge.com Purple pleated hi-lo skirt, €47, River Island; Metallic midi length skirt, £39, missselfridge.com

These two styles may look a little plain, but how you style the pleats makes them come alive. Each of the fabrics is delicate, and for this season, we need to add some contrast. For a casual, bohemian look, layer an oversize chunky knit with these to combine two different textures. Then for night time, swap the knit for a silk blouse or sleeveless top (tucked in for shape) with some long chains to make the look more glam.


Accessorizing the pleats needs to complement to the fluidity of the fabric and the girlie nature of the style; delicate chains, bracelets and stackable rings all make great additions.

Now if you fancy something a little more cosy, you can opt for the kilt look. Not exactly taking direct inspiration from the highlands, but more from the catwalk. These skirts are a wider pleat and work for everyday wear with some opaque tights and ankle boots. Add a polo neck (you can read our poll on the polo here) and you have something you may have seen at Tommy Hilfiger.

€17.99, New Look €17.99, New Look

What do you think of pleats? Can you move past the school uniform look to get to grips with it's new look?

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