Meghan Markle's Self-Portrait dress is available now and perfect for Christmas

Meghan Markle wore a red dress from Self-Portrait earlier today, and while it looked in place in sunny Tonga, to us, it screamed Christmas.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reached the Tonga part of their tour down under. The Duchess of Sussex has been making headlines throughout the entire wardrobe for her style choices, and all of them have been spot on. The dress she wore when she arrived in Tonga is the latest in a long line of outfits we want to copy. But, if you were as eagle-eyed as some of the world's media, you'll have spied that the dress's label was still on. Meh, we say. If we could get away with impressing people with our style and then giving it back without paying, we'd do it too.

Her dress is by Self-Portrait, and when we saw it, we knew we wanted it for the wedding we're going to at Christmas. It's not too unaffordable at £400 (you'll have to get it shipped to Ireland); but could we do a Meghan and send it back when the wedding is done? We promise we'll stick to clear liquids...


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The version you can get on the Self-Portrait site is maxi length, which we think would be gorgeous for a black tie affair. Otherwise, you'll have to get onto your tailor for a lift job.


meghan markle self-portrait dress

Red Embroidered Maxi Dress £400

We've been loving Meghan's Wardrobe Watch over the past week, and we've already found versions of her outfits to put together for less. Here's a €16 dupe for Meghan Markle's Serena Williams blazer, and we found two versions of her 'Blessed' dress, too!

What do you think of Meghan's Down Under style?

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