Would you wear the naked shoe in winter?

The question may not be would you wear the naked shoe in winter but would you wear it at all?

There's something that bothers me about the so-called naked shoe. It's nothing to do with the foot exposure it encourages and more to do with how. The point of the naked shoe is that it exposes the foot but, well, isn't that what strappy sandals are for? By exposing foot skin while keeping the shoe a shoe, there's only one material the manufacturers can use is plastic. And aren't we all supposed to be shunning any unnecessary plastic like straws and picnic cups, not wearing them in the name of fashion?

We asked on our Instagram stories earlier in the week, and our 60% of our followers said they wouldn't wear the naked shoe in winter. Is it because The Foot deserves a rest during the cold months? Should we just put a sock on it and forget about hoof grooming until next May? Or is it because of the plastic question?

(Or was it because of the shoes in question? If you voted, let us know the reason for your answer in the comments!)


I'm almost ashamed to say that I like them. There's something sexy about them. They're supermodel shoes; they're shoes Carrie Bradshaw would wear. If you fancy them too, here's where you can get the three from our Insta stories. If you would be embarrassed to wear them, for the brazen parading of plastic or because you think they're ugly, let's have a conversation about it in the comments.


See-Through Panels Stilettos €35.99


RETA Two Part Sandals 57


zara plastic shoe

What do you think now? Convinced?

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