The most popular boots on Pinterest cost €350, but we've found a €40 dupe

These days, we gauge sartorial popularity on how many times it's been pinned on Pinterest. And that's ok. It shows what the real live public want, rather than what they're being told to want by 'insiders'.

Glamour says that the most popular boots on Pinterest right now are these babies, the See by Chloé Mila ankle boot. We can see why they're popular; they look comfortable, for one thing (and Glamour's writer confirms). The heel is a good height, and the block heel makes them easy to walk in. The two-tone colour palette makes them more interesting, and it increases the number of outfits they will match. 


Unfortunately, they cost over €300, which is a lot more than most people would want to spend on a seasonal boot. If you are looking for a boot investment, however, you could do a lot worse than these guys. The style is classic - round toe, block heel - and if you're good at keeping suede looking fresh (do not wear them in the rain!) you should have them for years.

If you fancy owning a pair in a similar style, but don't want to spend your cash, we've found these guys from Zara that fit the bill. They only come in one colour, black, but the height is right. And, they only cost €40. So.



The See by Chloé Mila boots also come in leather and a metallic suede. Funnily, it's much harder to find a leather or leather-look look-a-like, probably because suede is one of the more popular boots fabrics around right now.

Have you bought your 2016 boots yet? Would you go for something like this?

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