What do we think of Kate Middleton's new hair do?

It can't be just me. Doesn't Kate Middleton's new hair look... the same?

Hurray, sez media outlets everywhere, Kate's back in business! The Duchess of Cambridge has finished her maternity leave and is on the 'appearance' circuit again. Looking like she was going on a thoroughly English safari, Kate's mission yesterday was to mingle with schoolkids and inspire the world with her autumn getup.

She has, of course, got a good reputation for country style. Remember this outfit? She wore the boots!

Apparently, her hair was a big deal, too - because she appears to have got... a trim. Like, it's barely different. And everyone was talking about it! And if they weren't talking about her hair, they were talking about her boots. Her boots - which I love, by the way - are ancient. 14 years old or thereabouts. She had them before she was married! She's worn them countless times and yesterday; she wore them again. Another part of her ensemble that I zoned in on was a shumper that Aisling would have been proud of...except it wasn't a shumper. 'Twas a regular shirt under a jumper. Was nice though.


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Despite the overreaction to her underwhelming haircut, Kate's mane was looking swishily fabulous. But what deserved more attention from the media outlets that reported on this Front Page event: the boots or the hurr?

The boots or the hair?

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