The only jumper you need this autumn costs a tenner

Remember that time when jumpers were so uncool? Oh yeah, that was the past FOUR YEARS or so. For that long, we've had to go around in skinny polo necks and frilly blouses and if we got cold our only option for warmth for to wrap up in a Goddamn poncho.

Those days are over; the jumper is back, and we are oh, so happy about it. While, admittedly, we dig out our good old fashioned Aran numbers when it gets really cold, the style of the season is actually the sweater. Sweaters and jumpers are not exactly the same, you see; the hint is in the name. Sweaters are the type of jumper you would have worn for PE class in primary school, probably made by Fruit of the Loom.

We've found the one that you will absolutely live in this autumn. It will go with jeans because it's easy, with a mid-length pleated skirt like the cool gals will be doing, or with tracksuit bottoms, if you're feeling nostalgic.



Where's it from? Penneys, of course! And it costs €10. Doesn't it look so much more expensive? The colour palette is divine (check out that marble effect!), and, as I said, it will go with everything and look good on everyone. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Penneys strikes again.

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