5 high street trench coats to experiment with until it's time to invest

The trench coat is spring in style form. Until you can afford to invest, experiment with colour and style

My phone says it's 2 degrees outside and my numb fingers will confirm. March is the tricksiest of months for weather. Remember one St Patrick's Day when everyone got really sunburnt because it was that warm? And remember the other one when it snowed? Oh, and that one when all the parades were cancelled because it was so stormy. Tricksy.

It's supposed to be spring, though, and while the weather may not reflect that, our wardrobes can. Counter-productive, maybe, especially if it actually does snow... but don't offend the daffodils by wearing your big bulky winter coat. Instead, get your trench out, bring an umbrella, and wear a woolly jumper underneath.

If spring were an item of clothing it would be the trench coat, and if you don't already own one, well, it is most certainly a wardrobe necessity, and you won't have much trouble finding one. The classic double-breasted, belted, thigh-length style, in a camel, beige or khaki colour is always a guaranteed winner, but get it in a longer cut or a different colour if you like, and don't write off the Burberry if you can get one; those days of sartorial exclusion are over.

We can't all afford Burberry, unfortunately, but the high street knows that. Invest in a true classic, but until you can, experiment each spring with a new style, and when it comes to investing, you'll know exactly what you want.



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