We're dressing for hard labour this season and we're ok with that

Utility fashion is back but this time around we won't be mistaken for a plumber. This time, it's the chicest take ever.

Forget the song 'Never Ever', the everlasting legacy of All Saints will be cargo pants. Mel, Nic, Nat and Shaznay wore those cargos like they were made for watching tv and hanging around the park. We followed suit, of course, and forgot our bags for about four years because everything we needed, we could carry in our trews! Genius. Sorry, though, I'm not here to tell you that cargo pants are back. However, 'utility fashion' is back - and it's chicer than ever.

Style Dilemma Solved: Next time we don't know what to wear, we're wearing this

The utility look I speak of means khaki colours with maybe more pockets than you would think. The 2019 take on the trend isn't '90s girl band, though (unfortunately?), it's more like what a former girl-band member who's now a cool mom might wear.

At last week's Penneys press day, everyone went mad over this boiler suit. Bloggers and fashion eds alike all claimed it was the piece of the collection and they'd all be wearing it as soon as they got their hands on it in stores. What do you make of it?

If it's not totally your style, Penneys are releasing a good few pieces in the shade and with a similar feel. The difference is, they're way easier to navigate of when you need the loo.


Like these culottes:

Khaki Belted Culotte €16

And this top:

Tan Drawstring Top €15


The look is overall really easy to wear. We would just wear with white runners. For nighttime, wear strappy sandals with the boiler suit to really channel that Jenny From The Block thing. Make sure to roll up the cuffs!

Are you for this trend? Do you think you could rock the look as well as an ageing All Saint?

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