Wait a minute... did Victoria Beckham just bring back flares?

DAMN IT! Our flares went to a charity shop this time last year. Maybe they're still there...

I like flares. I especially like denim ones that are tight at the top and wide at the end. Flares are just cool. Until they're not. Wearing them when they're 'out' is akin to showing up to a Halloween party in proper fancy dress when everyone else is 'sexy.'

Obviously, their heyday was the '70s. You can't think of flares without thinking of Farah Fawcett on a skateboard. But since the late '90s, they've yo-yod in and out of style. One minute they're in, and the next they're most certainly out.

Skinny jeans have been around way longer than anyone expected, but now the It Jean is less circulation-cutting, more 'hey, I could wear these instead of leggings kind of comfy.' Or is it? Because according to Vicky B, the flare is back.


The problem with flares, for me, has always been footwear. You do not want your shoe to be visible unless you're walking - channelling Disco Stu is not the end-game. Victoria wore strappy sandals with hers; an unusual choice, but one I'll consider. It's Jessica Alba as a high school student dressed as Barbie in Never Been Kissed - an unlikely style icon but one all the same.

Victoria Beckham loves flares. Her own fashion line Victoria Victoria Beckham keeps them in stock all year round. Google her, and you'll see that she often breaks them out. Maybe they are a wardrobe staple? FINE. We're buying a pair. To stay in our permanent collection... forever. (BTW, you're so lucky if you still have your last pair - they're really hard to find! These ones will do.)

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