Tuesday Shoesday: This designer shoe style is going to be the next big thing

We predicted that the ugly furry mule would be big news and we were correct. Will we be right about this shoe trend?

OK, Gucci doesn't exactly need to be having 'a moment', but that's what's happening right now. Its plain but pricey logo t-shirt inspired countless high street copycats, that double G belt is everywhere (I've seen hundreds of knockoffs) and the shoes. Oh, and then there are the shoes. The 'ugly shoe' actually made it onto the high street. I was right! They were on everyone's feet, though not last autumn. By this spring, though, you couldn't walk down the road without standing on the back of someone's.

The loafer is a terribly autumnal shoe style. I associate it with 1980s Wall Street Brokers. In the early 2000s, the block-heeled high loafer entered shoe shops everywhere - do you remember when teenagers used to wear platforms to school? My sister had two pairs that I was jealous of (and couldn't share because her feet shrank, and mine grew. And grew), but now I can own my very own pair because the style is back. I might have to wait until this time next year, but till then I'll wear my furry backless mules (that I got in Penneys).

Gucci €890

I've already seen the Gucci Peyton Loafer Mules on the streets of Dublin. Well, on the steps the Shelbourne, but that lady had to step onto the pavement for a second to enter her chauffeur driven limo.

Mark my words, they'll be everywhere soon. But what do you think? Would you wear them? If you hate them right now, is there a chance your mind could be changed?

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