Tuesday Shoesday: The flatform brogue makes it to the high street - and that's ok

The flatform was once a joke of a shoe. Not it's just a shoe that people wear. 'Cause they're actually kind of cool

They seemed like the craziest things this time two years ago, those flatform brogues. It was another step too far... until it wasn't. As usual, it had to take a year or so for people to get used to them and for the most fashion-forward to get over them and move onto something else (hideous dad sneakers, FYI), and now they are just, well, shoes that people wear. This pair might have to wait a while more.

I had a pair of flatforms in the early 2000s, in their Atomic Kitten incarnation. Though I wore them to every teenage disco, they weren't cool at all. Flatform '18 actually is. They're not fun anymore; they're functional.

I met Trinny Woodall at her Trinny London makeup launch in Brown Thomas Dublin last week (just dropping that in there) and she torpedoed in in a pair of these platform loafers, not unlike the pair she's wearing here.

Or the pair she's wearing here.


And, come on, if the OG style influencer is into flatform brogues, so are we.

They are a nice option if you want a bit of height but also want to be able to walk for a distance longer than car to bar. They're also perfectly acceptable for work, as soon as you accept that you are that stylish gal in the office. They won't stay in style forever though but get yours now, and you will get use out of them.

zara leather silver flatform brogues

Zara Silver Flatform Derby Shoes €39.95

ms flatform

M&S Leather Flatform Brogue Shoes €70

And, something for the weekend...


Gucci Leather Platform Sneaker $890

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