WIN! Meet The New Girls In Town At Arnotts

Arnotts is launching 5 new brands for the upcoming season.

VERO MODA, VILA, ONLY, Noisy May and PIECES Accessories will launch in Arnotts, Thursday 16th July at 11AM with a stylish space featuring wall-to-wall fashion that caters from everything from chic to on the street.

VERO MODA offers the latest trends for young women who look good and want to have fun with their look with their contemporary collection and wardrobe essentials.

VILA is a sophisticated label that gives women the extra edge in dressing to impress without compromising on style, quality and the latest trends. It offers a mixture of delicate details, cuts and fine prints as well as an eye on the latest trends.

ONLY is a mature twist on trends with a focus on feminine strength, self-confidence and real style.


Noisy may is a denim brand that's for the fashion-forward young women of today, with some stand-out styles and unique, on-trend essentials.

PIECES Accessories designs contemporary accessories for the fashionable, flirty and feminine women. Inspired by fashion stories and catwalk trends, Pieces Accessories represents cutting-edge street style.

To celebrate the launch of VERO MODA, VILA, ONLY, Noisy may and PIECES Accessories, we're giving four lucky readers a chance to win a new outfit to suit their personality.

Just click here to enter!

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