Work trousers to wear all week and at the weekend too

The work trousers that appear in store after Halloween are intended to be worn on the weekends, too

I had an idea once that I would separate my work 'uniform' from my weekend clothes. But since I work for where the dress code is 'whatever', the lines are hopelessly blurred. I like the idea of a work wardrobe because I honestly believe it psychologically distances you from work and helps you relax and switch off. But sharing a wardrobe for work and play has its advantages, too, specifically, because any piece of clothing you buy can be worn in either situation. Except for maybe party-wear or gym gear (although I've been known to wear both to Beaut HQ).

If you work in a smart-casual environment, which is probably the most common dress code in workplaces across Ireland, shopping can cause resentment. Not good feeling to have when you're indulging in retail therapy. You need those work pants, but you also need a new pair of jeans to wear with your new pair of ankle boots. That you shouldn't really have bought because you needed a new pair of comfortable work shoes. Cue a cycle of huffing and huffing when your inner Sensible Sarah wins. Style sacrifices must be made when you're a professional.

Or do they?

Round this time of year, work/play lines are (almost) completely rubbed out. Check your diary; it's probably already full of meetups and dinners at the weekend with a few after-work events planned in between. If you're in the mood for adding a few key pieces to your 'nice clothes' arsenal, try the trousers that arrive in store after Halloween. These trews are fancy while being work-appropriate and because brands release them with party season in mind, they're not too trendy that you can't wear them again in the seasons to come.

Zara Tuxedo Trousers €39.95

river island trousers

River Island Grey Check Bow Hem Cigarette Trousers €55

Oasis Brushed Compact Cotton Trousers €47

topshop velvet trousers

Topshop Bonded Velvet Trousers €57

vila trousers

Vila Shiny Patterned Trousers €49.99

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