5 celebrities who've struggled with their skin too

Celebrities aren't immune to the trials and tribulations of bad skin days. Here are some famous faces who give us some hope that we aren't alone.

Celebrities get raked over the coals all the time. They're never thin enough or are too thin, they look 'old', or have been over photoshopped to look younger, they've had work done, or look amaaaaazing (and so on, and so on). Being in the public eye is no picnic. It's a vicious cycle of seemingly never being able to do right, for doing wrong. Although to be fair, the pay cheques do probably cushion the blow somewhat.

One thing that magazines and gossip columns love to comment on, however, is when a famous face has a breakout. It's even juicier gossip if someone is perpetually plagued with blemishes. So today, we're not here to tear anyone down, but rather take some comfort in that fact that even A-listers can't escape the dreaded break out.

Here are some famous faces, who've struggled with their skin in the past. Some have either learned to accept it or have beaten it.

Cameron Diaz

As the breakout (no pun intended!) star of The Mask way back in the '90s, Cameron was seen as a blonde bombshell. But she secretly battled with acne. Nowadays her complexion has settled down, which she attributes to a good diet and getting a little older.

Victoria Beckham

The former Spice Girl turned fashion mogul is one of the celebrities who has publicly struggled with her skin. We think she always looks amazing, but if someone who's a multi-millionaire can have issues... it's ok for us to have them too.




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She famously took to Twitter to 'out' a photoshopped image of her skin. Her response? "It's ok to have flaws". We couldn't agree more.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is another singer who hasn't always had the flawless complexion we associate with her now. In an interview with Elle UK, she admitted it was tough being in the spotlight with a face full of "bumps and pimples". Of her new complexion, she said: "it took forever for me to get this skin".

Kiera Knightly

This is someone we never expected to have spoken out about their skin. Whenever you see Kiera Knightly, her skin always looks healthy and glowing. But behind the scenes, she's struggled with acne for years. It goes to show not all is always as it seems!


Does it make you feel a little better to know that some famous faces have the same issues?

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