Our favourite beauty launch of the month gives flawless skin in photos

Ok, we still have a few days to go but out of all the beauty products that I've seen launched this month, this one is my favourite so far. Every now and then I come across a product that stands out to me, one that ticks all the boxes and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Every now and then, you see, I come across a product that stands out to me; it's one that ticks all the boxes and does exactly what it says on the tin. It leaves no room for disappointment and can leaves us pleasantly surprised with the results.

And this August I came across one of those products. This little bottle of genius was a pleasant addition to my makeup kit and face and I never even knew I needed it until I tried it.


  • What: 

Photography Fluid Tan.


fluid tan


This is a basically a lightweight slightly tinted makeup primer/BB cream and it can either be worn on its own or under foundation. The best part about this product is that not only will it brighten up your skin and give you somewhat of a summer tan and healthy looking glow, it will also blur out any imperfections and balance uneven skin. And what's even better is that it's specifically designed to perfect your skin when its photographed. Yes, I see all your brides to be getting more interested.


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Not only does this product work but it also holds your foundation on all day long without drying out your skin. For me personally, I have been going through skin treatments to reduce my acne scarring ( which is a whole other series of articles coming soon) but I haven't been able to wear makeup or have my face in the sun. And because I was away, my body is slightly more tanned than my face so I found this brilliant to bring up the colour of my skin and not only that my skin looked clear, even and photographed really nicely.





As you can see it has done what it said on the tin. It's also really nice on the cheekbones, ears, collar bones and shoulders etc. And when you wear it under your foundation, you get a similar result to MAC strobe cream.


  • Where: 

It's an online purchase and It's £21 and available now from www.NIOD.com



What are your thoughts? Is this the product you never knew you needed?

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