Beauty Ed's Pick of the Week: Your new favourite fake tan

If you are like me, and tan is one of the things you dread most when you're going on a big night out or attending a wedding, I have one that might just change your mind.

I'm not a daily, weekly or monthly tan wearer; I wear it when I absolutely have to. If I don't I will literally glow like the north star on a clear dark night - and not in a good way.

Having worked on a lot of fashion shoots over the course of my career, I have seen all the tans, but this Irish brand is the only one to have had an impact on me. I'm genuinely surprised that He-Shi is not bigger or more widely known at this stage.





He-Shi retails at €31.78 and is so called as it caters to both men and women. It's a brown liquid that you apply with a mitt so you can clearly see where you are applying it. The liquid almost disappears into your skin as you apply it, so it has a very muted smell, if one at all, and has no tacky or sticky feeling. When you initially apply it, you will get a light colour, which develops within a few hours. It's great for even extremely pale skins, resulting in an olive toned tan.

It's an oldie but a goodie, and since we've entered tanning season, He-Shi is my product of the week.

What is your favorite tan? Or have you decided to embrace your pale?

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