Posh Swaps: Spongeables Vs Kai Body Buffer

kai body bufferOur good friend in parsimony, Eddie Hobbs, periodically advises us on making cheaper cosmetic swaps. But this time I'm going to advocate paying MORE for a similar item. Why, ladies, would you have a Spongeable when you could have a super-duper posh Kai Body Buffer?

Sure, both are similar - scent n' bubbles impregnated into a special spongey mix that gives you a number of washes, and then it's gone. But. And it's a big but. Why spend a fiver on something shaped like a duck and really doesn't smell all that great, when you could have the swanky Kai version, scented with exotic perfume? Oprah agrees, apparently, and jays lads, so do I!


At €27 from Vanillacotton.ie, it's not exactly cheap, I know - but it's a real treat purchase, and you do get two in the pack as well.

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