4 Easy Ways To Wear Dad Trainers

Whether you call them dad trainers or chunky trainers, this trend is everywhere at the moment. Styling dad trainers can be tricky, so here are four simple ways to wear this trend.


Teaming dad trainers with a dress is an effortless way to make it look more casual and suitable for a daytime look.

Floral or patterned maxi dresses look great with dad trainers and it's also a simple way to get more wear out of them when the weather gets a bit chillier.

Slip dresses and dad trainers make for an effortlessly chic weekend outfit, although you might need to add a t-shirt underneath due to the temperamental Irish weather.

Jeans and t-shirt

A classic and fool-proof combination, dad trainers will look great with any style of jeans and t-shirt combination you can think of.

If you want a more 80s inspired look, pair them with some light-wash mom jeans and a jumper.

Cycling Shorts

Kim Kardashian popularised the cycling shorts trend and its one you either love or hate.


If cycling shorts are your thing then pairing them with dad trainers will create the perfect athleisure outfit.

However, if they're not your cup of tea then you can swap them for some comfy joggers for another easy athleisure outfit.


Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to autumn can be tricky but your trusty dad trainers can help with this. Take your skirts into autumn by pairing them with a t-shirt or jumper and some dad trainers.

For those warmer days, pair them with a mini skirt and graphic t-shirt to create the perfect girly outfit.


There are lots of ways you can style dad trainers and if you buy a monochrome or white pair they will go with anything in your wardrobe, making the possibilities endless.

How do you like to wear dad trainers?

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