The best athleisure pieces to wear outside the gym

We've all seen the Activewear video on YouTube, right? If you haven't, it's a must watch for the entertainment factor alone, aside from any fashion tips on wearing activewear outside the gym. Which has become a thing, hasn't it? Wearing your gym pants out to do the shopping, or to pop out for coffee.

Well, it's simple as to why; they are incredibly comfortable. I'm now at the point where I have a dedicated gym wash cycle (mostly to do with regular gym attendance, of course) and the fact that nearly every one of the shops we regularly chat about on stocks affordable gym gear, why shouldn't we wear them all the time? Whether you are a gym goer, a yogi, or you simply love to wear your comfies, here is our pick of the best bits of activewear you can totally get away with every day. Just maybe not in the office.

Work out pants, €22.99, New Look Work out pants, €22.99, New Look

If you want to wear your leggings outside the gym, then opt for a colour other than black or 3/4 length styles. I found these dark grey ones from New Look that will look cosy with an oversized knitted jumper and flat shoes, as opposed to wearing runners and a lycra workout top. They are super soft and have a good fit too without any sagging on the bum.

Penneys, €15 Penneys, €15



We do need to keep dry right now with this unending list of storms that are descending on the island. Layer your chic outfit under a waterproof jacket for practical reasons. But on the weekends, I love wearing jackets like these with jeans and runners. The range from Penneys has good shape so they don't overwhelm you. They also have really good cotton and lycra jackets that will do the same when the weather gets a bit better.

Topshop, Spring Summer 2016 Topshop, Spring Summer 2016

Staying with the top half, you can definitely add in the sweatshirt look to your spring closet. This one from Topshop is nice and long (hip length) which will work over skinny jeans or boyfriend cut denim. You can even roll up the ends of your jeans to create a cuff which will look like it came straight off a fashion blogger's Instagram page. I also really like the range of sports style bags from Topshop this year. You can double them up as gym bags and your regular day to day hold all.

Zara, €39.95 Zara, €39.95

The runner/trainer/sneaker look has become part of our mainstream attire and is no longer reserved for walks in the park. Thanks to brands like New Balance, Nike and Adidas, the "fancy" runner is everywhere and you can definitely add some spring colours this season. I found this pair from Zara that has a subtle wedge in the heel for extra height, but it's the colour blocking that totally captured me. They might also be just stylish enough to wear with your suit to the office. Well, maybe on a Friday.


How do you feel about activewear as every day wear?

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